We are loving our Bamberoo™oc. We are getting so many compliments on it and it’s so comfy.
Ohhhhhhhh, Agi! They're absolutely beautiful! I love them! The size of the solarveil is absolutely perfect! We've already put it to use. :)



Beautiful Bamberoo™oc arrived!!

It fits all of us great, husband, almost 4yo, almost 2yo (headrest down), and me.  We all love how it looks too!  My husband even said he could wear the kids for a long time in the carrier now.

Oh my goodness, Ági. We are in love!!! The carrier arrived today and is even more beautiful in person. Thank you so much for everything.



I just wanted to let you know that the ssc arrived today and we love it! It’s gorgeous. Thanks for all your hard work.
They arrived today - thank you so much they are even more beautiful in real life!


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