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Please let me know about new slot opening time!
You will be notified few days prior slot opening.
Sorry, no open slots at the moment


I'm sorry I don't have open slots right now, but sometimes fee slots free up, so you can write me an email. Please use the contact form here.


I used to open 20 custom wrap conversion slots usually at the beginning of each month.

The first 10 will get a slot automatically and I will draw the remaining 10 slots. It can be reserved by email to a special emal address what I will publish here. It is different each time, so please don't use the last one.

The registry used to be open for 48 hours.
The conditions for USA residents are the same as for Edit! you can find details here !

Slot transfer is allowed.


Standard conversion cost is 195EUR + 21 EUR shipping + extras, what I will request before shipping.


For USA customers Girasol conversion is 195EUR. For all other wraps (must be new or good condition) I have to use an USA twill (the tested one) as the skeleton, what has 215 EUR conversion price. For international customers I use a same quality twill, but from EU source, so there is no additional cost.

The shipping cost is weight based, it covers the average weight of a carrier. If you send a long wrap and want to have the leftover, it has a 8 EUR additional shipping cost.


Please visit this page or follow me on facebook  to be notified about  the slot opening time. Please note, that facebook does not let you know about all of my posts, it hides some. That is the reason why I use this webpage too.



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