Because of a lot of custom ordery we don'n have carriers in stock.

If you want a custom Bamberoo oc baby carrier, than please contact us to discuss the details.


Wrap conversion: 169 EUR


Prices with in-sctock fabrics (in EUR) 

Mei tai regular, classic (curved insted of hood) 180 EUR
Mei tai delux 180 EUR
SSC baby carrier or half buckle baby carrier (wais strap is buclked only) 180 EUR


Solarveil mei tai,SSC and half buckled carriers: 180 EUR.




If we have to customize templateis has 10 EUR charge.


Custom strap length does not affect the price.

USA canvas strap : 10 EUR

USA organic druck strap or Colimacon wrap fabric: 18 EUR


Double side carrier (both side is decorated):

  • Meit tai regular: 10 EUR
  • Mei tai calssic: 10 EUR
  • Solarveil (only the frame of the body) : 10 EUR


Immediate fabric order has 10 EUR fee.


Prices includes VAT, but does not include shipping and packagind costs.


Shipping 21 EUR worldwide.



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