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Welcome to babycarriers made for health, comfort, safety, freedom and  love.


I'm Ágnes Dékány the maker of Bamberoo™oc Mei Tai and SSC (soft structured carrier) baby carrier in Europe with the license of the developer and maker of original Bamberoo™.

I know you want to give the best for your baby. I know you want to feel good with your baby. Bamberoo™oc carriers can help you!

Let me introduce the Bamberoo™oc products to you!

Bamberoo™oc baby carrier is healthy for your baby.

This is a traditional mei tai that's why the position of the baby is the best for the development of his hip and his spine. It prevents the problem of a dislocated hip.


Bamberoo™oc baby carrier is comfortable for you and for your baby .

The Bameroo™oc baby carrier is made from quality materials. The traditional Mei Tai design is improved to satisfy the modern parents. The SSC is a modern design based on the Mei Tai traditions too. Babies can fall  asleep in Bamberoo™oc baby carrier. You will feel, that he is happy and feels comfortable. He sees what you see and feels what you feel. You can carry your baby for hours or during all day.

Bamberoo™oc baby carrier is a safe place for your baby.

You feel every tiny movement of your baby while carrying in our SSC or mei  tai. You know what he does how he feels. You can feel his every breath! He will not drop from the bed, he will not have accident while you don't see him. He can sleep at the most safe place of the world:  near your body.


Bamberoo™oc baby carrier gives freedom for you.

With a Bamberoo™oc mei tai or SSC carrier You will be free to move, to hike and to do everything what you did before you had a baby. You will do it together with you baby. You can go to a lot of places what is closed for you if you use a stroller.

Your baby can learn all this things and you can be together with your baby while living for your hobby.

Bamberoo™oc does not give love. It only enables you to give more love to your baby.

A little baby does not understand words, does not feel the value of a gift. He only feels the closeness of your body. He wants to be in touch with you. In the stroller or in the bed he is lonely.  To make him satisfied is impossible without a good baby carrier.



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