If you don't find a carrier suitable for you please visit our american partner.


We can get fabrics from our USA partner. Please visit the webpage

We have two types of strap fabrics from the USA:

- Canvas. it is availabe in Hungary too, but in USA there is some other colour too.

- Organic duckif produces with BIO procedures. It is slightly drafter, but it will be soft during usage.

Please visit for colours. USA strap fabrics has addtiional fee.

Please find Europan strap fabrics here:


European strap fabrics


Please visit the page Purchase for prices.

Please follow the link below for the decor fabrics. All decors are artworsk of famous USA designers.

If oyu did not find decor for your baby carrier, please click on the menue USA ordering. You will be informed here when we will order fabrics from webshops. You can browse the full product range of that webshops.

If you don't want to wait, we can order your fabrics immediately, but it has some additional fee.


New fabrics gallery

Ordered fabrics gallery


Fabrics gallery 1

Fabrics gallery 2

Fabrics gallery 3



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